Photo by Meggan Graton ( @meggangphot o).

Photo by Meggan Graton (@meggangphoto).

Yes, Like denzel washington, but with two l's... 

My friends call me Denz.

"Where are you from" is a question I never know the answer to...
Utah > Nevada > Arizona > Montana > Oregon 

I’m a weekend warrior taking off in my ‘98 Jeep Cherokee, named Merlot, every weekend to explore new destinations and breweries, two of Oregon’s finest things.

I don’t like to identify as one thing. I am an Art Director, sure, but I also have a relentless passion for design, the constant itch to illustrate beautiful things, and even a knack for interior design. Regardless of what I’m doing, I believe the best work stems from a collaboration between passionate creatives with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.